Idiyappam Recipe



Store Bought Rice Flour   -        2 Cups

Salt                                 -        To Taste

Water Around                 -        2 Cups

Coconut oil                 -        1 Tblspn


 Take Rice Flour In A Bowladd In Some Salt Mix Well


Bring Water To A BoilAdd In Boiling Water Over Rice FlourUse A Spoon To Mix


Cover And Let It Sit For 15 MinsNow Open The Lid Add Some Oil Knead It To A Soft Dough 


Take Your Idiyappam Maker Add The Dough In ItFill It To The TopCover It And Spin The Top Make Idiyappam In Idli Steamer Just Make A Good Amount Of It

Time To Steam Place In Idli Steamer Cover And Steam Steam Cook This For 8 To 10 MinsNow Remove It And Let It Cool A Bit, Remove It Using A Spoon

Now Idiyappam Recipe Is Ready