kerala Appam Recipe



Raw Rice              -        2 Cups

Fresh Coconut     -        1 Cup Grated

Sugar                   -        2 Tblspn

Salt                     -        To Taste

Baking Soda        -        1/2 Tsp

Water                  -        As Needed For Grinding

Coconut oil                         -        For Greasing Pan



Wash Raw Rice Very Well Soak Them In Water For 4 To 6 Hours Or Overnight

Drain Them Now Add It To A Blender Add In Coconut Blend It Once It Is Half Blended


Add Some Water Blend It To A Smooth Paste Pour That To A Bowl And Allow It To Ferment Overnight


This Is How It Looks After Fermenting Add Sugar Salt A Little Baking Soda Mix Well Add WaterMake It Into A Runny Batter


Now Take Your Non Stick Appam Chati This Is How It Looks Wipe It With Some Oil Using A Paper Towel Take A Ladleful Of Batter And Pour It In Swirl The Pan To Coat The Sides


Coat It Once It All Spreaded Cover With A LidLet It Cook For A Min Remove It now Serve