14 sunsamauyal paneer 65



For the Red Paste:

Coconut oil   to add in the paste     -          1tsp

Red Chilli Powder         -        6 - 7 (soaked in water)

Ginger-Garlic paste        -        1 tbsp

Curry Leaves                 -        14-15 (chopped)

Sugar                           -        1 tsp

Vinegar                        -        1 tsp

soy sauce                     -        1 tbsp

Pepper powder             -        1 tbsp

Garam Masala Powder     -         1 tbsp

Coriander seed Powder -       1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder         -        1/2  tsp

rice flour                      -        1 tbsp

maida                          -        2 tbsp

corn flour                    -        1 tbsp (optional)

water                           -        as required

Salt                              -        as required

For the Paneer 65:

firm Paneer                  -        250 gms (chopped into squares or cubes)

Coconut oil                      -        2 cups

Onion                         -        1 (chopped into julienne)

Curry Leaves              -        8 - 10

Green Chilies             -       4 - 5


02 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Firstly soak dry kashmiri chilies in hot water for 30-40 mins. Then grind them with little water to a smooth paste.

 03 sunsamauyal paneer 65

In the meanwhile chop paneer into squares or cubes or triangular shape. Just add a half tbsp of refined flour (maida) over them to prevent if any moisture coming from paneer. Place them aside.

 04 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Add the red paste into the mixing bowl add curry leaves, ginger garlic paste.

05 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Now add all the spice powder, sugar and salt. Mix all nicely.

 06 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Time to add soy sauce and vinegar. Give a nice whisk.

 07 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Put refined flour, rice flour and corn flour if using.

 08  sunsamauyal paneer 65

The consistency has to be thick so add water accordingly. Also add 1 tsp oil in the batter.

 09 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Heat your frying wok/vessel with oil.

 10 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Dip paneer into this batter, coat from all sides.

 11 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Deep fry or shallow fry in hot oil on low heat until golden brown from both sides.

 12 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Repeat the same with the rest of batter. Place them on absorbent napkins.

 13 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Take little oil once heated saute onion, green chilies and curry leaves until onion changes color.

 14 sunsamauyal paneer 65

Spread them over the paneer fry and serve them hot