Tomato Sauce




Tomatoes              -        30

Garlic                   -        18

Ginger                  -        5 Pieces

Red Chillies           -       5

Golden RAISINS     -        ½ Cup

Vinegar                -        ½ Cup Apple Cider

Rock Salt             -        1 Tbsp

Sugar                  -        8 Tbsp

Sodium ¼ Tsp Benzoate Dissolved In 1 Tsp Hot Water



Rinse The Tomatoes In Water And Then Drain Them. 


Chop Them Roughly. Remove The Skin Or Parts Which Are Blemished Or Spotted.


Now In A Large Casserole Or Pot Or A 4 To 5 Litre Pressure Cooker, Add The Chopped Tomatoes.


Add The Chopped Ginger, Garlic, Raisins And Halved Dry Red Chilies.


 Add Pour Vinegar.


 Add Sugar.


I Kept The Cooker On Low Flame. Stirred Very Well And Below Is The Result After 9 Mins. You Don’t Need To Add Any Water.


Simmer And Cook The Tomatoes, Till They Are Softened. The Tomatoes Have Got Softened After A Total Of 27 Mins. The Timing Will Vary And Depends On The Pan You Use, The Intensity Of The Flame 


When The Mixture Is Slightly Hot   Then Using An Immersion Blender, Make A Nice Smooth Puree Of Everything. If The Puree Is Done Coarsely, Its A Pain To Strain The Pulp.


Using A Not So Fine Strainer Which Will Allow The Tomato Puree To Pass Through, Strain The Puree With The Help Of A Spoon.


Again An Important Step. You Have To Really Keep On Mashing The Pulp With The Spoon, So That All The Puree Is Drained. The Pulp Mixture Should Be Somewhat Dry And Not Moist. The Leftover Pulp Below. Straining The Puree In Batches Is A Time Consuming Task And Depends On The Size Of The Strainer You 


The Pan Of Collected Tomato Goodness. Ready To Be Made In Tomato Sauce


Now Keep The Pan On Stove Top. Allow To Simmer For 5 To 6 Minutes. Check The Taste And Add More Sugar If Required. I Had To Add Some Sugar. You Can Also Add Sugar Towards The End Once The Tomato Sauce Has Thickened.


Still Simmering After 20 Minutes And The Tomato Ketchup Is Thickening.


 Done And Thickened To The Right Consistency  The Pan Was Kept On The Stove Top. Keep On Stirring Often. You Can Thicken It More If You Want. After Cooling, The Sauce Thickens A Bit, So Keep That In Mind Too.


Spread The Sauce On A Plate. There Should Be No Water Droplets From The Sides. You Can See A Slight Separation Happening. This Is Alright. A Thick  Sauce Like The Readymade Ones

Dissolve 1/4 Tsp Of Sodium Benzoate With 1 Tsp Hot Water In A Small Bowl.


Add This Sodium Benzoate Mixture To The Hot Tomato Sauce.


Stir Very Well.And You Can Serve The Tomato Sauce