Mushrooms                                     -        200 grams

Capsicum                                        -        1

Tomatoes                                        -        2

onion                                              -        1

Ginger                                             -        ½ inch

garlic                                              -        4

Kasuri methi                                   -        1 tsp

Turmeric powder                           -        ¼ tsp

Water                                              -        ½ cup

Coconut oil                                  -        3 tsp

Salt                                                -        as required

For  masala:

coriander seeds                             -        1 tsp

Dry red chilies                              -        4

Cumin seed                                   -        ½ tsp

Cinnamon                                     -        ½ inch

Cardamoms                                   -        1

Cloves                                           -        2

Black pepper                                -        4

Strand of mace                              -        1

For garnish:

Coriander leaves                           -        2 tsp

Ginger                                         -        ½ inch


Cream                                          -        2 tsp

Garam Masala Powder                 -        ¼ tsp


First dry roast all the spices mentioned above for the kadai masala, on a low flame in a kadai.

Once the spices cool down, add them to a grinder jar. 

Grind to a semi fine powder. 

In the same jar, add chopped tomatoes.

Blend the tomatoes to a smooth puree. Keep aside.

Rinse, wipe and then slice the mushrooms. Also thinly slice the bell pepper & chop the onions etc. Keep the Veggies aside.

Heat 3 tbsp oil in a kadai or pan. Add the sliced mushrooms.

Stir & saute the sliced mushrooms. First you will see the mushrooms releasing a lot of water.

Then later the water evaporates. Saute till the mushrooms get browned from the edges.

Remove the mushrooms and keep aside.

In the same oil, add finely chopped onions.

Saute the onions till translucent or light golden.

Now add the ginger­garlic paste and saute till their raw aroma disappears.

Add the tomato puree.

Stir and saute till

You see some oil releasing from the sides.

Then add the sliced capsicum/bell pepper. 

Stir and saute for 5 to 6 minutes on a low flame

Add the ground kadai masala which we made.

You can also add turmeric powder at this step. 

Then add 1/2 cup water.

Add with salt.

Stir & bring the gravy to a simmer on a low flame till you see a few specks of oil on top.

Add the sauteed mushrooms.

Boil for 3  minutes on a low flame

 Lastly add crushed kasuri methi/dry fenugreek leaves. Switch off the stove.

Garnish mushrooms masala fry  with chopped coriander leaves.