White Mushrooms     -        8 

Milk                       -        1/2 cup   

Onion                    -        1   

Garlic                    -        4 pods     

Bay Leaf               -        1   

Ginger                  -        a small piece   

Butter                      -        2 tsp  

Sugar                    -        to taste     

Pepper powder      -        to taste    


Wash the mushrooms nicely and cut them into slices.

 In a non stick pan add butter and add in the bay leaf, garlic,ginger and onions.

Saute till golden brown and add in the sliced mushrooms.

Add 1 and half cup of water to this and cook it till the mushrooms become tender.Once done, allow it to cool and keep the water aside and grind the discard the ginger and bay leaf.

Grind the mushrooms, garlic, onions into a fine paste by adding milk while grinding. You can use raw milk too or use boiled and cooled milk too.

Add more water reach the right consistency. Bring it to a boil . Do not boil for more time .Switch off the flame and add salt and pepper powder.

Now ready to your tasty Mushroom milk shake.serve it.