Mushroom Green Peas Gravy

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Green peas                                -        1 Cup

Mushrooms                                -        200-250 Gm (Chopped)

Water                                        -        2 Cups

Bay Leaf                                   -        1

Oil                                            -        1 Tbsp

Butter                                      -        2 Tbsp

Onion                                      -        1 Big Sized

Ginger                                     -        ½ Inch

Garlic Cloves                           -        2-3

(Grind Onion, Ginger and Garlic. Until Smooth Paste Is Formed)

Tomatoes                                -        3-4

Red Chilli Powder                        -        1 Tsp

Turmeric                                -        ¼Th Tsp

Roasted Cumin powder              -        ½ Tsp

Coriander seeds Powder              -        ¼Th Tsp

Garam Masala  Powder                -        ½ Tsp

Sugar                                          -        1 Tbsp

Mango Powder                             -        ½ Tsp

Fenugreek Leaves                       -        1 Tbsp

Salt                                          –        Per Tast

 For The White Paste:

Fresh Cream Or Milk               -        2 Tbsp

Grated Cheese                       -        2 Tbsp

Cashew Nuts                          -        14-15

(Grind All The Ingredients For The Paste Until Smooth And Keep It Handy).

 Method: mashrom 2

Take 2 Cups Of Water Add Green Peas With Some Salt. mashrom 3

Boil Until the Peas Are Cooked And Add Mushrooms. Now Cook Until Mushrooms Are Cooked. mashrom 4

Strain The Water And Reserve For Adding To The Gravy Later. mashrom 5

Take A Pan Add Oil+ Butter, Place on Low Heat. Add Bayleaf And Saute For 30 Sacs. mashrom 6Add The Onion-Ginger-Garlic Paste. Sauté Until the Raw Smell Diminishes

From The Paste. mashrom 7

Time To Add The Tomato Paste Or Puree. mashrom 8

Add All The Spice Powder Except Amchur And Garam Masala Powder. mashrom 9

Stir Nicely, Keep Stirring And Cooking The Mixture Until Thick. mashrom 10

Once Mixture Starts Leaving The Edges Add The Reserved Mushroom-Peas Stock Or Water. mashrom 11

Put The Boiled Mushrooms And Green Peas. mashrom 12

Simmer For 3 Mins Then Add The Grounded White Paste. Cook Until The Gravy Starts Thickening. mashrom 13

Lastly Add Salt, Sugar, Crushed Kasuri Methi Leaves, Amchur Powder, Garam Masala And Ginger Julienne. mashrom 14

Switch Off The Gas And Serve Mushroom Matar Makhani With Naan, Roti Or Rice.