Kerala Beetroot Payasam



Beetroot(grated)                –        1 cup

Vermicelli                         –        Half cup

Sugar                             –        Half cup

Ghee                                –        1 tablespoon

Cashews                        –        5

Raisins                            –        5

Cardamom powder      –        One-fourth teaspoon

Milk                               –        1 cup


Heat ghee in a pan and add the cashew and raisins. Roast till golden brown and keep aside. In the same pan roast the vermicelli till golden brown and keep aside.


Now, add the beetroot and saute till the raw smell leaves.


Add the roasted vermicelli and a cup of milk. Mix well.


Add about two cup of water and cook on medium flame. Keep on stirring. When the vermicelli is cooked, add the sugar and mix well.


Add the roasted cashew and raisins and cook for another ten minutes. Beetroot payasam is ready to be served.



Serve hot or chilled.