Strawberry Veg Ice cream Recipes

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Milk                    –        1Litre

Sugar                  –        200

Strawberry          –        2 Cups

Vanilla                –        2 Tblspn

Cornflour            –        2 Tblspn

Lemon Juice       –        1 Tblspn



Take All Your Ingrediants


You Need Fresh Strawberries


Chop Them Up


Add Sugar To It And Mix Well


Heat Milk In A Kadai


Add Vanilla


Add Sugar


And Bring It To Boil


Mix A Small Amount Of Milk With Cornflour


And Pour It In And Mix Till It Gets Thick


It Should Coat The Back Of A Wooden Spoon


Pour This Into A Jug And Allow It Cool Down


Now Take The Strawberries In A Blender And Blend It Well


Pour This Into The Thickened Milk And Mix Well


Add Some Lemon Juice To It And Mix Well


Pour This Into A Container And Freeze It


Take It In A Blender And Blend It


Pour This Back Into A Container And Freeze Till Its Frozen Scoop And Now Ready To Serve