Coconut With Honey Cake Recipe

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For Cake:

All Purpose Flour / Maida  -        120 Grams

Sugar                                 -        100 Grams

Vanilla Essence                  -        1 Tsp

Soft Unsalted Butter          -        100 Grams

Baking Powder                  -        1.5 Tsp

Salt                                   -        1/4 Tsp

Egg                                  -        2

Milk                                  -        3 Tblspn

For Syrup:

Water                                 -        3/4 Cup

Honey                                -        1/2 Cup

Dessicated Coconut           -        1/4 Cup

Red Food Colour                -        A Pinch ( Optional )



Take All Your Ingredients For Cake


Prepare A Cake Pan


Take Soft Butter In A Bowl


Add In Sugar


Use A Beater To Whip This Till Fluffy Once It Is Fluffy


Add In One Egg Beat Till Creamy


Add In Another Egg


And Some Vanilla


Beat Till Fluffy

Now Place A Sifter Over This Now Add In Flour


Add In Baking Powder And Salt


Sift It Out


Add In Milk Fold Well


Place The Batter Into The Tin And Bake Preheat A Oven To 170 Degree C  It While The Cake Is Baking 

Take All Your Ingredients Make Syrup


Take Water In A Sauce Pan


Add In Honey


Add In Desiccated Coconut 


And Mix Well Heat This Bring It To Boil And Simmer For 5 Mins


Take It Off The Heat And Add Some Food Colour If You Need Now Ready Syrup  


Now Take Cake Is Baked Once It Is Cooled, Remove It From Tin And Slice Of The Top If It Is Too Much Puffed.


Use A Toothpick To Prick


Take The Syrup


Spoon It All Over The Cake Now Chill This For A Hour Now Ready To Slice And Serve