Tutti Frutti Cake

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All Purpose Flour/Maida -        2 Cup  

Sugar                              -       3 Cup  

Baking Powder                -        1Tsp

Orange Marmalade          -        1Cup

Butter                             -        150 Grams (Unsalted)

Eggs                                -        3

Tutti Frutti                      -        50 Grams

Milk                                -       1  Cup

Curd                               -        3 Tblspn



Take Your Ingredients


You Need Some Good Orange Marmalade


Take Butter In A Bowl Add Sugar To It


And Cream Together Separate Eggs And Egg Whites 

Beat In The Egg Yolks And Mix Well


Add In The Marmalade


And Some Tutti Fruity


Now Take Flour In A Sifter


Add In Some Baking Powder And Sift Half Of The Mixture In


Add Milk To It


Now Sift The Remaining All Flour 


Add Curd In And Mix Well


Now Whip Up Your Egg Whites


Till It Gets Foamy Like This


Add It In The Batter


And Fold Gently


Prepare A Cake Pan


Pour The Batter In Baked Then Slice And Now Ready To Serve