Radish Scallion Stalks Salad Recipe



Radish                       -        3

Scallion Stalks           -        1

Red pepper flakes     -        2 Tbls

Salt                           -        1 Tbls

Vinegar                     -        1 Tbls

Sugar                       -        1 Tbls

Garlic                       -        1 Tbls

Beef Stock                -        1 Tbls



Wash And Then Peel Your Radish (Potato Peeler Works Fine). Slice Your Radish Like You Would A Potato For Potato Chips, But Thicker-Cut. Then Further Slice The Radish Into Matchstick-Sized Strips.

Once Your Radish Is All Sliced Into Matchsticks, Throw Them In A Large Bowl And Sprinkle Your Salt (Mixing Thoroughly). Set Aside.Radishprep


Wash And Prep Your Scallion, Then Julienne Into Strips. Most Korean Households Will Chop The Scallion Into Small Pieces, But My Mother Always Went With Julienned Strips. Set Aside.


Once Your See The Radish Has Wilted 10 Minutes  It’s A Sign That You Can Throw Your Radish In A Colander And Drain The Excess Water In The Sink.


Drained radish. Throw Your Radish Back Into Your Mixing Bowl 

And Add Your Vinegar, Sugar, Dashida Beef Stock, And Your Korean Red Pepper Flakes.



Mix  Your Scallion And Radish To The Bowl.Now Ready To Serve