Cooked rice                            -        1 Cup    

Tamarind Paste                      -        1/2 Tsp    

Sesame oil                              -        1 tsp    

Green Chilli                               -        1-2   

Whole red chilly   

 Mustard Seeds                      -        1/4 tsp    

Urad Dal                                -        1/4 tsp    

Channa dal                            -        1/4 tsp    

Peanuts                                 -        1 tblsp    

Cashews   nuts                      -        few       

Salt                                       -        As needed    

GratedGinger                        -        2 tsp    

Turmeric  powder                -        1/4 tsp    

Asafoetida                            -        2 pinches    

Curry Leaves   Few               -        See more at:


In a pan add oil and add the mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, ginger, broken red chilli and slit green chilli.

When the mustard crackles add the tamarind paste extract. Add salt and turmeric powder.Let this get cooked and the raw smell of the tamarind goes off. Cook for 5 minutes.

Keep the flame low while cooking else it will get burnt.

Add the cooked rice to this. Mix well.

In a small pan add little oil and add the channa dal, urad dal and peanuts . I added 1 red chilli too.

Roast them on a medium flame. Be careful not to get it burnt.

Add the roasted dal and nuts to the rice. Mix well gently and evenly.

Andhra puliyodarai is ready to serve. 

Now ready to your  peanuts puliyodarai