Prawn                         -        500 gms

Chilli Powder              -        1/2 tsp

White Pepper powder  -        1/2 tsp

Oregano                     -        1 tsp

Basil leaves                 -        1 tsp

Cheese                        -        3 tsp

Rice flour                    -        1.5 tsp

Bread crumps              -        1 cup

maida                         -        2 tsp

Corn flour                   -        1 tsp

Water                         -        1/2 cup

Salt                             -        as per taste

Coconut oil                  -        for frying


Remove the shell of the prawn and clean the prawns with salt.

Now add the chilli powder, white pepper powder, oregano, basil leaves, and required salt in a bowl and keep it ready.


Mix the prawns to this and mix gently. Allow to rest for 30 min atleast.

Now add the parmesan cheese to it and mix it.


Add the rice flour to this and mix well.

In another plate add the bread crumps and parmesan cheese and mix well and keep it ready.

Add the corn flour, all purpose flour and water and make a paste and keep aside.

Now dip the prawns in the APF-corn mixture.


Place the dipped prawns in the bread crumps and roll it. Again dip the coated prawns in the APF corn paste and again roll in the bread crumps. This is done for more crispiness and also gives a good coating.

Do the same for all the prawns.

Allow to rest for 5 min.

Now in a kadai or wok, add oil and heat it. When it is medium hot, slowly fry the prawns in batches.


When they turn into golden colour.

Remove from oil, filter the excess oil wih a kitchen tissue.

Serve hot. 

Prawn Fish Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts