Ginger Juice /Ginger Syrup



Fresh Ginger                        -        1 Cup

Water                                   -        2 Cup

Sugar                                  -        1 Cup

Icecubes                              -        6

Lemon Juice                       -        1 To 2 Tblspn Or To Taste

Lemon Slices                       -        A Couple Of Pieces (Optional)

Ginger Syrup                       -        3 To 4 Tblspn Or To Taste

Soda Water Or Cold Water   -        As Needed



Take A Fresh Knob Of Ginger, Wash And Peel It


Grate It, I Used A Coarse Grater


Take It In A Pot Add Some Water


Heat It Up Bring It To A Boil And Switch Off

Let This Steep For 30 Mins


Strain It All You Got Is A Precious Ginger Juice


Pour It Back In The Pan Add In Sugar


Mix To Dissolve Ginger Syrup Done


Your Homemade Ginger Syrup


Take A Glass Fill Half Way With Ice


Squeeze In Some Lemon Juice Add Couple Of Lemon Slices


Pour Some Ginger Syrup


Fill It With Fizzy Soda Water Now Ready To Serve