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All Purpose Flour   –      1 Cup

Sugar                     –      1.5 Cups

Cashew Nuts          –      20

Ghee                       –      I/2 Cup

Cardamom powder And Food Color


Take All The Ingrediants


Knead The Flour To A Dough By Adding Water.


Soak The Dough In 1/2 Cup Of Water And Set Aside For 30 Minutes.


After 30 Minutes Squeeze The Dough In Water And A Milk Like Liquid Comes Out. If You Are Wondering Why We Shouldn’t Just Mix The Flour And Water To The Consistency Of Milk 


When You Filter The Liquid From The Previous Step, You Will Be Left With The Solid Shown In The Purple Bowl. Throw It Away.  If We Had Just Mixed The Flour With Water It Wouldn’t Be Possible To Separate This Solid And It Will Make The Halwa Very Gummy.

You Can Skip All The Above Steps By Soaking The Whole Wheat In Water,  Grinding It And Filtering To Take The Wheat Milk Out Set The Wheat Milk Aside For 7-8 Hours. I Usually Leave It Overnight. After 8 Hours, There Will Be Some Water Separation.


The Water That Has Separated Can Be Used To Make The Sugar Syrup.


Mix The Sugar In The Water And Heat. 


Add The Cardamom Powder And Food Color (Orange Or Yellow).


We Are Looking For The 1 String Consistency . But When You See The Sugar Syrup Boiling And Bubbling Its Time. Pour In The Flour Milk.


Keep Stirring, Things Will Progress Very Fast From Here, So Do Not Leave The Scene .


You Will Notice The Liquid Thickening Into Transparent Lumps When It Starts Sticking To The Bottom Add Ghee Little At A Time.


Fry The Cashews In 1 Tsp Ghee. Fold In The Cashews.

When The Halwa Rolls Like A Ball Easily Without Sticking To The Bottom Or Sides You Know Its Done.


Transfer It To A Greased Dish.The Halwa Should Be Easily Transferrable. If It Sticks Too Much Then Its Not Done Yet. Now Ready To serve  

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