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English Category

Cornflour Orange Halwa



Cornflour             -        1 1/4 cups

Sugar                   -        1 1/4 cups (powdered)

orange essence   -        1-2 drops

melted ghee         -        4 1/2 tbsp

water                    -        3/4 cup

Cashew Nuts        -        10-15(chopped)



Mixture of cornflour, orange essence, powdered sugar, all mixed well.


Water in which the mixture is dissolved before keeping on the gas.


The halva mixture dissolved in water and added nuts, kept on a medium flame on the gas with some nuts already added and slowly stirred.


Within a few seconds you will notice the whole mixture thickening, keep stirring rapidly, best in a non stick pan. using a hand whisk.

The mixture keeps bubbling and getting more sticky and thick.


 check the consistency of the halva misture by lifting the mixture with the whisk, it will keep sticking and not drop in the pan looking like a rubber when it cools.

Getting even more thick and shiny within minutes of cooking.


Remove from the  gas and note how the whole mixture has almost come to one big solid mass but wobbly as it is still hot.


The halva mixture poured on a greased plate or square tray if you like with suitable depth . I did not have a square tray , so used a thick round plate.


Looking perfectly set but still hot, dont hurry up to cut, instead zap it in the fridge for rapid cooling


Can keep looking at this shiny mixture glistening with cashew nuts garnished on top. Slivered almonds or pistachios also give a great look.


Remove from fridge and cut pieces when cooled. I hastened the process by cooling it quickly in the fridge.

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