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South Indian Poli Recipe



For Outer Dough:

Maida / All Purpose Flour     -        3 Cup

Yellow Food Coloring             -        A Pinch

Sesame Oil                           -        5 Tblspn

Water                                   -        3/4 Cup 

For Sweet Filling:

Channa Dal                         -        1 Cup

Sugar                                  -        1 1/4 Cup

Cardamom powder              -        2 Tsp Or 6 Pods

Cloves                                 -        2

For Making Poli:

Rice Flour                          -        1 Cup

Ghee                                 -        As Needed



 Take Flour, Food Colour And Oil


Take Water And Food Colour In A Bowl..

Sprinkle Flour Over It


Mix Mix


Beat Like This..Look How Sticky The Dough It,

It Should Be Like That


Pour Oil Over The Dough And Let It Rest


Take The Channa Dal And Wash It Well


Take It In A Pot And Add Water To It


Cook Till It Is Tender


When You Press The Dal With Your Fingers,

It Should Be Slight Firm But Cooked


Drain It


Take Sugar, Cardamom And Cloves In A Blender


Powder It


Add It To A Kadai


Take Channa Dal In A Blender


Powder It TooLook How The Dal Is Powdered,

This Is Why The Dal Should Be Cooked Properly


Add The Powdered Dal To The Kadai


First Mix Well With Your Hands


Keep It On A Low Heat And Mix


Once It Form A Mixture Like This, Remove From Heat

Take A Small Portion Of Mix


Shape Into Balls


Arrange It On Plate


Get Everything ReadyDough, Filling, Rice Flour, Ghee


First Pour The Excess Oil


Take A Small Portion, See How Little The Portion Is


Place It Directly On Rice Flour


Place A Filling Ball Over The Dough


Cover It Carefully


Once It Is Completely Covered


Dip It In Rice Flour


Roll It


Roll It Thinly


Put It On Hot Tawa


Sprinkle Over Some Ghee

Once You See Small Bubbles Forming, Flip Over


Cook For Few Seconds


Remove It Carefully


Done Now Ready To Serve Poli



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