Probably the most crucial health advantages of wild rice include its capability to enhance heart health, encourage growth and repair through the entire body, slows signs and symptoms of aging, safeguards from long-term diseases, helps prevent the start of diabetes, optimizes the digestive process, fortifies your bones, increases your immune system, and helps with weight loss efforts.Listed here are a few well-known health advantages of Wild Rice

1. Diabetics

The majority of diabetics limit their consumption of rice, so as to manage the amount of sugar within their bodies. However, there is no need for diabetics to avoid all kinds of rice totally. Numerous dietitians suggest the usage of wild rice for diabetics, rather than normal, polished rice. This particular healthy food grain could be consumed in a number of ways. You can serve your meat, veggies or even gravy over a bed of wild rice. At the same time, wild rice may be used in pilaf, biryani or even fried rice. Many people simply boost the flavor and texture of the dishes with the addition of wild rice to their salad, soup, casserole and even stuffing.

 2. Weight Loss

If however, you be a rice lover, you needn’t eliminate your preferred food through the diet regime, simply because you are attempting to shed weight. However, rather than consuming refined white rice, that has been stripped of its nutrition, you can go for wild rice, since it consists of complex carbs as well as belongs to the low glycemic index foods list. Wild rice features a various effect, avoiding overeating because of higher fiber and nutrient content, without offering a high level of calories. Aside from helping you to slim down, wild rice also decreases the hazards of diabetes as well as heart disease.

 3. Bodybuilders

It is just a well-known proven fact that bodybuilders need to eat a high amount of foods rich in protein, so as to develop their muscles. Simultaneously, they also need to eat foods which contain carbs, so they get the rush of energy needed to workout. Simple carbs and also sugar may give the body along with energy for a short period, however they generally bring on an energy-crash Bodybuilders need to consume foods which are loaded with complex carbs, that will help them feel lively a bit longer of time. Wild rice is a wonderful accessory for any body builder’s diet, since it is loaded with complex carbs as well as protein. Moreover, wild rice could be consumed along with other high protein diet foods just like chicken, turkey, beans, meat, cottage cheese, and so on, making it a perfect option for bodybuilders. There are numerous recipes for soup, snacks, salads, main course, utilizing wild rice for bodybuilders, readily available through books an internet-based sources.

 4. Candida

Candidiasis, or Candida, is really a problem that develops due to an over growing of the Candida Albicans fungus within the body. Under normal conditions, Candida cells are present within the mouth, intestines, vagina and many other bodily organs, without leading to any problem. However, an overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus can lead to infections, exhaustion, weakness as well as digestive complaints. Thankfully, many cases of Candida may be treatable utilizing medicine and home cures. Additionally it is necessary to follow a Candida-diet whilst coping with an infection. Foods which contain yeast, processed food, sweets as well as red meats needs to be totally prevented. Rather, individuals struggling with a Candida overgrowth should consume higher quantities of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains as well as nuts. Wild rice, as being a nourishing whole grain, is fantastic for individuals struggling with Candida. While using the wild rice for Candida treatment, however, it is very important to make sure that the food is consumed in reasonable amounts only. An excessive amount of wild rice may lead to additional difficulties.

5. Heart Health

It seems that we’re always researching to increase heart health, as well as wild rice definitely delivers. There isn’t any sodium in wild rice, which will help to cut back blood pressure level, there is additionally a high level of fiber, that is recognized to clean out “bad” cholesterol through the cardiovascular system and lower the likelihood of creating atherosclerosis. Through the elimination of the strain on the heart, and enhancing repair and damage control using a higher level of vitamin C, wild rice is really a clear option for those who wish to safeguard their heart.

 6. Digestive Processes

As stated before, wild rice boasts a remarkable quantity of dietary fiber. Apart from optimizing your cholesterol balance, fiber additionally bulks up your stool as well as assists in easing your digestive process. By assisting peristalsis, dietary fiber may help you remove constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramping, as well as excessive flatulence, in addition to more severe intestinal worries, like colorectal cancer, gastric ulcers, as well as hemorrhoids.

 7. Immune System Booster

Enhancing the health of the general immune system is among the ideal ways to improve your all around health, and one the best way to get that immunity boost is with vitamin C, of which wild rice features a tremendous amount. Vitamin C energizes the manufacture of white blood cells, the body’s first line of defense towards foreign agents, pathogens, and microbes. Furthermore, vitamin C is really a crucial element of collagen, that is required for the development as well as repair of cells, organs, tissues, and blood vessel walls, helping us to recoup from illnesses that we do experience.

 8. Bone Strength

As we grow older, we slow down and also our bodies start to break down, which includes our bones as well as our bone mineral density. One method to conquer this is with a fair balance of important minerals within our diet, that wild rice can offer. In fact, you can aquire a good deal more phosphorous and zinc, that are essential for maintaining bone mineral density as well as making certain strong bones as well as joints as we grow older. In case you are prone to brittle bones or even are already beginning to feel those pains within your bones, switch to wild rice whilst keeping your power up!

 9. Anti-Aging

Probably the most essential advantages you are able to derive from wild rice range from remarkable amount of antioxidants. White rice usually doesn’t have anti-oxidant capacity, yet wild rice consists of 20-30 times much more antioxidants. Anti-oxidants neutralize free-radicals, the harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that can induce healthy cells to mutate or turn cancerous. This includes the free radicals which accumulate in the skin and may give rise to aging process, including wrinkles, age spots, and sluggish healing of imperfections. This is also true for the ocular cells, and also antioxidants can avoid macular degeneration and also the onset of cataracts. If you wish to feel and act younger for many years, then add wild rice in your diet regime!

 10. Chronic Disease

Even though the research on long-term diseases takes many years of time for strong results to be publicly accepted, the antioxidants in wild rice have been shown reduce the probability of particular circumstances, which includes heart-related problems, diabetes, and even some kinds of cancer. It’s because exactly the same neutralizing effect on dangerous free radicals which was described previously.

 11. Growth and Repair

The high protein content present in wild rice may also be great for increasing muscle mass, appropriate development, as well as well balanced development in our bodies. Proteins are comprised of the building blocks of life, amino acids, therefore sufficient protein levels are crucial for all around health, and wild rice is a superb choice for that, especially vegetarians who don’t frequently get animal proteins within their diet.

 12. Birth Defects

Wild rice has considerable amounts of many vitamins, which includes vitamin B6, also referred to as folate or even folic acid, and also this has been shown to lessen neural tube defects in newborn infants. Expectant mothers need to add wild rice to their diet for all of its essential health advantages, yet especially if they aren’t getting a proper B-vitamin fix every single day.

 13. Skin care

Recent studies reveal that powdered wild rice may be used to heal certain kinds of skin conditions. Powdered wild rice was typically utilized in India just as one cream to assist cool inflamed or even burned skin. Nonetheless, it is best to consult a doctor prior to using it on the skin in case you have skin disorder including psoriasis and eczema.

14. Easy to Digest

Wild rice is in fact the seed of the grass and not a grain at all, that is probably the most well-known advantages of wild rice. Grasses tend to be simpler to digest compared to grains, specifically for those responsive to gluten or even who’ve digestive issues like IBS or general gastrointestinal struggles. Wild rice appears and cooks just like other rice varieties, and that’s why it’s also known as a grain. Wild rice, as with other rice, is totally gluten-free.

15. Higher in Antioxidants

Brown rice is filled with anti-oxidants however it doesn’t come close to those present in wild rice. Wild rice is really a Native American plant initially gathered in Minnesota. It’s been utilized all through historical ethnicities mostly because of the way it maintains severe winter circumstances. This higher sustainability factor also boosts the antioxidant value of the rice and causes it to be an abundant source of immune-boosting properties.


Serving Size: 1 cup cooked

Calories 170

Calories from Fat 5




Total Fat



Saturated Fat












Total Carbohydrate



Dietary Fiber









Vitamin A



Vitamin C