Name                :   Dragon Fruit

Scientific Name :   Hylocereus Undatus

Health Benefits

Dragon fruits usually do not consist of cholesterol levels, saturated fats as well as trans-fat, therefore normal ingestion may help control your blood pressure level as well as take control of your levels of cholesterol. The seeds of dragon fruits are usually loaded with polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) which decrease triglycerides and minimize the potential risk of cardio problem. Dragon fruits are generally an excellent source of dietary fiber; therefore normal intake might help prevent bowel problems, increase your digestive health as well as assist you to shed extra pounds.

Dragon fruits are usually abundant with vitamin C, which contains 9mg for each serving which is comparable to 10 % of the everyday worth. Therefore, consuming dragon fruits will help improve your defense mechanisms as well as encourages quicker recovery of bruises as well as injuries. In reality, normal consuming of dragon fruits may help defend against long-term respiratory system problems just like bronchial asthma as well as coughing. Dragon fruits in addition consist of B vitamins like B1 for much better carbohydrate metabolism, B2 for recuperation as well as enhancement of appetite, and also B3 for decreasing poor cholesterol levels whilst enhancing the skin ailment.

Reduces the risk of high blood pressure:

High blood pressure levels (HBP) or even hypertension usually means high pressure (tension) within the arteries. Arteries are generally vessels which transport blood through the pumping heart for all the tissues as well as organs of the entire body. A high blood pressure level does not necessarily mean extreme psychological pressure, even though emotional tension as well as stress can certainly temporarily enhance blood pressure level.

 Normal blood pressure level is beneath 120/80; blood pressure level in between 120/80 as well as 139/89 is known as “pre-hypertension”, along with a blood pressure level of 140/90 or higher is recognized as higher.

Neutralizes toxic substances in the body:

The end results of poisonous ingredients, just like heavy metals, are usually reduced from the dragon fruit. A number of chemical toxins just like copper as well as zinc are great for the body but just in small quantities. In case these types of build up as well as achieve a precariously higher level, these may result in severe illness. Mercury, lead, as well as arsenic certainly don’t have any health advantages which means this fruit decreases these types of unneeded metals.

Improves eyesight:

Eyes are important for everyone. You need to consider greatest proper care as well as try everything within your hand to ensure that they’re in great condition. The need to enhance eye-sight along with fruits and vegetables is increasing fast amongst quite a few parents that happen to be worried about their kid’s eye-sight. The majority of the mothers have recently started out driving their children to consume vegetables such as carrots to assist increase their eye-sight.

Dragon fruit consists of carotene which will help to maintain as well as similarly enhancing our eye-sight. This really is great news for individuals that don’t like consuming carrots.

Reduces weight:

Since this fruit is lower in calories as well as abundant method of obtaining dietary fiber, it will help to provide the experience of feeling complete without including extra few pounds to the bodies. It will help to eliminate harmful toxins from the digestive tract, which makes it neat and enhancing our metabolic process. This all can add up in assisting a person to shed weight progressively with no food cravings related to dieting. It offers numerous important nourishment whilst keeping the body moisturized as well.The flesh of the fruit is actually seriously peppered along with small black seeds. These types of seeds do consist of fat. However this fat is classified below unsaturated fats- the great kind. Unsaturated fats are usually critical in avoiding heart illnesses along with other health conditions by building up the amount of excellent cholesterol levels within the body.

Alleviates chronic respiratory tract ailments:

Long-term respiratory illnesses are usually chronic diseases of the air passages along with other regions of the lung. Probably the most typical are bronchial asthma, long-term obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer of the lung, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea as well as work-related lung diseases. Respiratory system illnesses have an effect on all ages-children, teens, adults as well as senior citizens. Many of these illnesses are usually long-term by nature and all sorts of have got a main effect not just to the individual with all the disease, yet within the family, the neighborhood, as well as the healthcare system.

Normal usage of the dragon fruit have been recognized to relieve bronchial asthma as well as long-term cough both in adults and children.

Lowers Cholesterol risk of cardiovascular disorder:

A Cholesterol level is really a wax-like, fat-like material that develops by natural means in all of the areas of the body. Your system needs a number of cholesterol levels to operate effectively. However, if you’ve got an excessive amount of within your blood, it may adhere to the walls of the arteries. This is known as plaque. Plaque can easily narrow your arteries or perhaps obstruct them. As a result, higher cholesterol level within the blood can easily improve your chance of cardiovascular disease.

A large equilibrium of polyunsaturated fats can also be one of the most significant dragon fruit advantages. These types of fats are normally found mainly within the fruit’s seeds, which are comparable in look as well as structure to those of the kiwi. In contrast to other kinds of fats, just like trans-fat as well as saturated fats, polyunsaturated fat can easily reduce the body’s amounts of dangerous cholesterol levels. As a result, consuming a diet full of polyunsaturated fat may possibly decrease one’s chance of health problems connected with high cholesterol levels, just like cardiac arrest as well as heart stroke.

Last but not least, dragon fruit may serve as an excellent source of soluble fiber, which might decrease eating too much simply by encouraging a sense of fullness, and may in addition help in reducing cholesterol levels, therefore supplying an additional protection from cardiovascular disease.

Dragon fruit consists of B3 and this is referred to as Niacin, the vitamin which can be significantly necessary to decrease the cholesterol level within the blood as well as helps prevent from the chance of the cardio vascular illnesses.

Cure Diabetes:

Diabetes mellitus is usually a long-term illness (chronic) that takes place because of blood insulin insufficiency. These types of illnesses connect with carbohydrate metabolism described as the growing concentrations of glucose within the blood.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus that usually occur are usually extreme urination polyuria), being thirsty (polydipsia), lack of fluids, extreme food cravings (polyfogia), in addition to weight reduction. The efforts of normal treatment methods are providing insulin.

There are actually mainly two kinds of diabetic issues: Type 1 Diabetes The entire body doesn’t develop insulin. Some individuals may possibly make reference to this kind as insulin-dependent diabetes, juvenile diabetes, or even early-onset diabetes. Individuals normally produce type 1 diabetes just before their 40th year, usually during the early adult years or even teenage life.Type 2 Diabetes: The body will not generate sufficient insulin for correct performance, or even the cells within the body usually do not respond to insulin (insulin resistance).

The seeds of the fruit intended assist in handling blood sugar levels in individuals with non-insulin-dependent hyperglycemic problems (a type of diabetes). Additionally it is utilized to deal with stomach as well as endocrine difficulties.

Boosts the immune system:

The objective of the defense mechanisms is usually to maintain transmittable microbes, just like particular bacteria, viruses, as well as fungi, out from the entire body, and also to eliminate any kind of transmittable microbes which do attack the body. The defense mechanisms is comprised of a complicated as well as essential network of cells as well as organs which safeguard the body from an infection.

Dragon Fruit is extremely full of anti-oxidants, and therefore help increase the defense mechanisms. The fruit is gorgeous in addition filled with vitamin C, important nourishment which also increases the immune system, amongst a number of other things. If you wish to cure any kind of open injury rapidly, frequent Vitamin C consumption is extremely suggested. Vitamin C from dragon fruit is additionally simpler to soak up than Vitamin C from pill supplements.

Dragon fruit even offers an abundant source of vitamins B1, B2, and B3. This particular vitamin boosts the human body’s levels of cholesterol, improve levels of energy, assist metabolize food, and in many cases enhance the quality of the skin. Dragon fruit seeds are excellent for you personally; they offer a resource of essential fatty acids.

Take care of skin:

The kinds of anti-oxidants within the purple selection of dragon fruit and located that this fruit consists of betalains, phenolics, gallic acid as well as betacyanins. These types of anti-oxidants stop harm to the skin as well as internal organs brought on by free-radicals, plus they also may help you defend against a variety of health conditions.

A Dragon fruit also includes vitamin E which required for natural skin care. Vitamin B3 may also improve our skin’s physical appearance simply by moisturizing it.A chemical company has separated substances known as dormins through dragon fruit. Dormins are usually all-natural extracts from plants as well as plant organs within their inactive phase that is able to decelerate cell expansion, preserve younger healthier skin and supply the method for much better skin safety.

Combat Gout and Arthritis:

Gout is often a type of severe arthritis that produces serious discomfort as well as inflammation within the joints. It most often has an effect on the large toe, yet might also affect the heel, ankle, hand, wrist, or even elbow. It has an effect on the spine usually enough to be a element in lower back pain. Gout generally occurs abruptly, goes away completely soon after 5-10 days, and may keep repeating. Gout differs from other kinds of arthritis mainly because it takes place when there are actually higher levels of uric acid moving within the blood, which could result in urate crystals to stay within the tissues of the joints.

Dragon fruit is actually a abundant method of obtaining vitamin C, that is essential for the development of cartilage material within your joints. Vitamin C insufficiency may cause joint pain, together with bleeding gums as well as loose teeth. In case you have joint pain, a nutritional expert could work along with you to make certain that your daily diet is enough in vitamin C that is in dragon fruit along with other citrus fruit.

In addition to that the Dragon fruit consists of Beta carotene and in addition display anti-inflammatory property that is significantly good for fight Gout as well as Arthritis.

Cures Constipation:

Constipation is a very common situation which affects individuals of every age group. It may imply that you aren’t passing stools (poo) on a regular basis, or else you are not able to totally vacant your bowels.Constipation may also result in your stools to become tough, irregular, small or large.

The seriousness of constipation differs from individual to individual. Many individuals simply encounter bowel problems for the small amount of time, but also for other people, constipation could be a persistent (long-term) situation which causes substantial discomfort and pain as well as impacts standard of living.

Dragon fruit includes higher soluble fiber content. Along with fresh new dragon fruit, you will get around 1g of fiber for each 100g of the fruit. Alternatively, for each 100g of dried out dragon fruit, you will get 10g of dietary fiber. The skin of the dragon fruit is actually also fiber rich. If it’s in great condition (no molds, black blotches, as well as smells fresh), try to consume that as well. This really is perfect for those individuals struggling with constipation or even irregular bowel motions. Furthermore, this also advantages our liver simply by avoiding urinary tract infection (UTI).It may also heal the colon cancer. The red dragon fruit variety has a greater dietary fiber content compared to the yellow variety.

Protect the Environment:

The environment can be something you’re really acquainted with. It is anything that comprises our environment as well as has an effect on our capability to survive the earth-the air we breathe, the water which covers the majority of the earth’s surface, the animals and plants all around us, plus much more.

More recently the environments have been very dirty. The Dragon fruit tree performs a huge role to help make the environmental air fresh and clean simply by soaking up the CO2 (carbon dioxide) as well as delivering oxygen gas.

Nutritive value

Nutritive value per 100 g




0.28 g


6.3 – 8.8 mg


0.005 – 0.012 mg

Crude Fiber

0.7-0.9 g


0.21 – 0.61 g


0.55 – 0.65 mg


82.5 – 83 g


1.297 – 1.3 mg


0.54 – 0.68 g


30.2 – 36.1 mg


0.159 – 0.229 g


0.043 – 0.044 mg


0.28 – 0.30 mg

Vitamin B1

0.28 – 0.43 mg

Vitamin B2

0.043 – 0.045 mg

Vitamin B3

0.297 – 0.43 mg

Vitamin C

8 – 9 mg