Name                         :  Hazelnuts

Scientific Name          : Corylus

Health benefits

Hazelnuts come from the tree of the same name and maybe are most famously recognized these days because of their use within confections like praline, chocolate truffles or Nutella. The delightful flavor of the hazelnut is additionally commonly included with coffee as well as liqueurs and also the oil through the nut can be used as cooking. The country which produces probably the most hazelnuts in the world is Turkey, followed by Italy and also the US.Here are a few well-known health advantages of hazelnuts.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Hazelnuts are abundant with unsaturated fats, the kind that are actually great for the heart. Much of this fat is oleic acid, proven to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol and raise the “good” HDL kind. One cup of hazelnuts consists of nearly half of the suggested every day quantity of magnesium, a mineral that manages calcium levels in muscles. Whenever calcium levels are higher the heart may contract, and beat irregularly. Proper quantities of magnesium keep the heart from overexerting itself by promoting healthy rests in between contractions.

Cancer Prevention

Research has discovered that the alpha-tocopherol kind of vitamin E hazelnuts are extremely abundant with may possibly cut the chance of bladder cancer in half. Furthermore, the manganese so rich in hazelnuts goes quite a distance in safeguarding the body from cancer. Manganese is really a constituent of the anti-oxidant enzyme created in the mitochondria of the cells to safeguard against cancer.


Magnesium performs a huge role in controlling the quantity of calcium which goes into and out of the cells of the body. The proper amount of calcium in the correct time promotes muscle contraction, as well as enables the muscles to relax when they are not necessary. This avoids muscle tension, soreness, spasm, cramps and fatigue. In accordance with one Italian research, greater magnesium levels additionally increased the effectiveness of the muscles.

It reduces cholesterol

Eighty-three percent of the healthy oils which hazelnut and its particular oil include contain oleic oil acid, that is present in olive oil, too. In other words, hazelnut oil can be viewed as just as one equivalent of olive oil. Experimental study done by the Scientific as well as Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) has demonstrated that oleic acid prevents higher level of cholesterol in healthy individuals as well as regular usage of hazelnuts and hazelnut oil helps individuals who have high cholesterol levels troubles to lessen the blood cholesterol by 28 % per month on average. Hazelnuts include linoleic acid, an important oil acid which is rarely seen and can’t be synthesized by the body. Both of these oils decrease apolipoprotein B, that is bad for the heart, while increasing apolipoprotein A by 28 %, that is very theraputic for the heart. Usage of hazelnuts in the amount of a teacup each day is really a practical method to help in reducing cholestrerol levels.

Good for Colored Hair

Hazelnuts are utilized like a natural component in a variety of coloring agents. Together with rendering a delectably delightful brown hue to the strands, hazelnut also makes certain that the color will last for a longer period. Plus, it provides an additional safety by keeping the colored tresses conditioned and therefore, safeguarding it from the problems brought on by chemical use.

Skin Health

One cup of hazelnuts consists of 86% of the suggested every day allowance of vitamin E. Vitamin E has been confirmed to safeguard skin through the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, like skin cancer as well as premature aging.

Reduce Risk of Neural Tube Birth Defects

Neural Tube Birth Defects (NTDs) are probably the most typical birth defects since they affect over 300,000 babies globally each year. The neural tube develops throughout the 3rd week of pregnancy also it eventually forms the baby’s brain as well as spinal cord. Once this tube does not close completely since it should, a small opening is made within the spinal cord or even brain and this is how a neural tube birth problem  develops. Being sure that you meet your everyday requirement of folic acid will certainly reduce the risk of neural tube defects by 70 %. Since the neural tube develops very at the start of a pregnancy once the mother may not even be conscious that she is pregnant, doctors suggest that ladies who are attempting to get pregnant ought to get 400 mcg of folic acid every day. A single cup of hazelnuts offers over 150 mcg of folate, which may go a long way in making certain you meet your everyday requirement of this particular vitamin.

It increases body resistance

Hazelnuts as well as hazelnut oil are probably the richest foods in vitamin E. Affecting the heart, muscles as well as reproduction system positively as hazelnuts aid in increasing the human body’s resistance by avoiding digestion of red blood cells. About 20 to 25 hazelnuts each day is beneficial in enhancing the immune system.

Bone and Joint Health

About two thirds of the magnesium the body utilizes goes towards building the structure as well as strength of the skeletal system. Magnesium is really a key mineral within the makeup of the bones, and is also very important that the body stores additional magnesium on the surface of bones to be used in the case of an emergency insufficiency. Hazelnuts may also be full of manganese, a mineral required for the development as well as strength of bones. Post-menopausal women are frequently lacking in manganese and may take advantage of its ability to boost the density of bone, as well as battle brittle bones.

Nervous System

The nervous system requires amino acids so as to function, as well as amino acids need vitamin B6. Hazelnuts are full of vitamin B6. Moreover, vitamin B6 is essential in order to obtain myelin, the insulating sheath of the nerve which boosts the efficiency and speed of electrical impulses, enabling the nervous system to function brilliantly. What’s more, vitamin B6 is instrumental within the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin, and epinephrine.

Digestive Tract Health

Hazelnuts are full of manganese, that is an enzyme activator along with a catalyst within the synthesis of fatty acids as well as cholesterol. Additionally, it encourages protein as well as carbohydrate metabolism. The high content of fiber in hazelnuts promises frequent movement of food and waste from the digestive tract, distributing the burden of work equally on the way and promoting the proper balance of chemicals and microorganisms essential for a proper digestive system.

Good For Pregnant And Lactating Women

Proper nutrition is essential while pregnant for maintaining both mother’s and baby’s health. And, hazelnuts are rich sources of numerous nutrition required for an excellent pregnancy, which includes iron as well as calcium. Be sure you eat these types of nuts moderately together with a balance diet full of fruits and vegetables. Also, be sure that your fluid consumption is enough to prevent constipation problems triggered because of the consumption of fiber rich foods.

Breastfeeding ladies can think about them just as one in-between snack to control those unwanted food cravings. Together with keeping you full and providing you those important nourishment, hazelnuts may also assist you in getting back to shape in the healthier way, whenever utilized sensibly in the well-balanced diet.

High in B Vitamins

Hazelnuts are abundant with vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 as well as B9 (folic acid). We depend on the B vitamins to dismantle proteins, fats as well as carbohydrates for us, therefore offering us with the energy we have to function. The B vitamin complex is utilized through the entire body, designed for the health of nervous system. The B vitamins assuage stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally they enhance the memory and therefore are essential for the creation of neurotransmitters like serotonin. B9 aids hormone synthesis as well as riboflavin is essential for healthy red blood cells. Niacin enhances skin health assures the normal function of the digestive as well as nervous systems. A few B vitamins help build as well as repair damaged DNA.

Beneficial For Menstrual Cramps

These rustic brown hued nuts are abundant with magnesium, Vitamin E, calcium along with other nutrients. These components are recognized to have got a positive impact in reducing cramps and therefore assisting you tide over the menstrual period in the better way.

Help Reduce Depression

Scientific study has lately discovered an association in between low folic acid levels as well as depression. Scientists remain not completely certain of the role which folic acid performs within the occurrence of depression, yet a number of research has shown that the lack of folic acid is associated with a poor response to anti-depressant medications. You are able to discuss folic acid supplements together with your doctor if you’ve been recommended SSRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

It boosts metabolism

Having a lower glycemic index along with a large amount of fiber, hazelnut is really a top snack for feeling full. Containing a high amount of healthy oils and vegetable protein, hazelnuts go slowly from the intestines therefore its effect on blood sugar is low. Since it somewhat boosts blood sugar levels, the period of being full is long. Hazelnut usage also results in burning a high amount of calories throughout digestion. By resulting in a high loss of calories in stool, it increases both digestion system as well as metabolic process by 10 %, that we call the thermal energy of food.

Good For Constipation Troubles

Being a rich source of fiber [1 oz gives 2.7 grams of fiber, meeting 10% of RDA], you can include these types of nuts in your daily diet to help keep your bowel movements. They bind together with the stools, release them, and therefore avoid constipation.

Help Reduce Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A urinary tract infection  occurs whenever bacteria enter in the urinary tract from the urethra. These types of bacteria then multiply quickly causing symptoms like cloudy or even bloody urine, pain whilst urinating and also the regular need to urinate. The most typical reason for urinary tract infections is definitely the bacteria known as E.coli. Hazelnuts include a number of phytochemicals which includes proanthocyanidins. These types of proanthocyanidins have already been turned out to be beneficial in avoiding UTIs and researchers think that it is because proanthocyanidins avoid the E.coli bacteria from sticking to a woman’s urinary tract lining. Cranberries too are a fantastic supply of these types of beneficial plant compounds and so it could be wise to consist of cranberries and hazelnuts in your daily diet to avoid or help treat a UTI.

Prevents Diabetics

Hazelnuts is frequently recommended by the doctors like a healthy snack for people who are under the siege of diabetes, particularly type 2. It is packed with dietary fiber, that actually helps to keep yourself full. Being low on GI, these types of nuts are recognized to avoid the sugar levels from escalating. In addition, consuming hazelnuts can in fact enhance the HDL levels. It improves the good cholesterol level whilst reduces the bad cholesterol level. Therefore, it may possibly guard you from the potential risks of high sugar and high cholesterol activated health problems. However, research is yet to establish these types of suggestions and therefore, it is best to stay safe and talk to your doctor just before including these nuts in the diabetic diet.

Beneficial For Controlling The Blood Pressure Level

Hazelnuts, known as cobnuts aka filberts, are recognized to be advantageous for individuals that have problems with high blood pressure. This is a excellent source of healthy fats, whilst the saturated fat variants make up to simply 1.5 grams in an ounce of these nuts. Additionally, it provides you with 46 mg magnesium, 193 grams potassium and 2.7 grams dietary fiber. An excellent dose of potassium is important to reduce the blood pressure level as well as reduce the hazards linked to the onset of numerous cardiovascular conditions, which includes stroke and paralysis.

Helps you Gain Weight

Being abundant with healthy fats, consuming about 2 ounces of those crispy, sweet nuts had the ability to assist you to gain weight the healthy way. However, seek advice from your physician before you begin consuming them to prevent unneeded problems.

Kidney stones

The property of hazelnut in avoiding kidney stones have been demonstrated by the french phytotherapist. He recommended making hazelnuts a normal part of the diet of those struggling with renal lithiasis, mostly in cases of urate calculi (stones). Therefore, the regular usage of hazelnuts, ideally a handful each morning is extremely therapeutic for those willing to avoid kidney stones, and definately will provide incredible results for those struggling with it.

Nutritional value

Serving size:100g.





628 Kcal



16.7 g





Total Fat

60.75 g



0 mg


Dietary Fiber

9.7 g




113 µg



1.8 mg


Pantothenic acid

0.918 mg



0.563 mg



0.113 mg



0.643 mg


Vitamin A

20 IU


Vitamin C

6.3 mg


Vitamin E

15 mg


Vitamin K

14.2 µg




0 mg



680 mg




114 mg



1.725 mg



4.7 mg



163 mg



6.17 mg



290 mg



2.45 mg




3 µg



11 µg



92 µg