Name                         :  Walnuts

Scientific Name          : Juglans

Health benefits

Walnuts have got countless health benefits. Walnut is surely an edible seed of the tree nut Juglans regia. The plant originated from India and also the regions surrounding the Caspian Sea, and in the 4th century AD, the ancient Romans introduced the walnut to numerous European countries. The tree serves numerous uses; you can use it as food (edible seed), medication, furniture and dye. The walnut seed features a variety of health advantages ranging from weight management to prevention as well as slowing of numerous cancers.

They can reduce the risk of breast cancer

Consuming about 28 walnut halves each day offers anti-oxidants and phytosterols that might help reduce the risk of breast cancer, in accordance with research in the Marshall University School of Medicine in West Virginia. Mice were fed a daily diet with the human equal of two ounces (60 g) of walnuts. When compared with mice fed a control diet, the walnut eaters had considerably reduced breast tumour incidence along with a slower rate of tumour growth.

They’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids

A diet full of omega-3s is helpful in lessening depressive disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease and there’s also powerful proof that omega-3s counter inflamation related illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis as well as Crohn’s disease.

Improvement in heart function

Walnuts are full of omega-3 and therefore are an adequate source of monounsaturated fatty acids (72%) like oleic acid. Additionally, it consists of EFAs like linoleic acid, alpha linolenic acid (ALA), and arachidonic acids. Scientific tests prove that the inclusion of walnuts in almost any diet aids in preventing coronary heart diseases simply by favoring a healthy lipid supply. Usage of walnuts lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases level of good cholesterol (HDL).  Consumption of 25 grams of walnuts every single day provides 90% of the suggested daily intake (RDI) of EFAs, which often lowers the chance of high blood pressure levels as well as heart diseases.

Walnuts as Brain Food

Walnuts have got possible health advantages in the area of memory as well as cognitive function as well. Lower omega 3 intake have been associated with depressive disorders as well as loss of cognitive function. And considering that walnut is really a rich source of ALA (omega 3), it no doubt encourages brain health. Research however reveal that only reasonable quantity of walnut (2 or 6 % of a healthy diet) can enhance motor as well as behavioral skills in older adults and higher amounts, say 9 %, impaired reference memory.

Improved Metabolism

Among the health advantages of walnuts consumption is that it increases the metabolism within the body. Walnuts, together with EFAs, supply minerals to the body. Minerals just like manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium may also be supplied by walnuts. These types of minerals help contribute to metabolic activities like development and growth, sperm generation, digestion, as well as nucleic acid synthesis.

Walnuts for Hair

Walnut is a great ‘hair food’ too. It is because walnut consists of biotin (vitamin B7) that can help reinforce hair, reduce hair loss and improve hair growth to particular extent. However, very little scientific data is accessible to support these claims.

Walnuts in Pregnancy

While not much studies have gone in the safety and advantages of consuming walnut while pregnant, it is considered that walnut may possibly push away nausea while pregnant and boost brain development in the child. However, one research demonstrated that consuming tree nuts (including walnut) while pregnant might increase the odds of asthma as food allergy within the child by 50 %. But Harvard School of Public Health nutritionists rather claim that usage of peanuts and tree nuts while pregnant could even reduce the chance of allergic disease development in children.

Walnuts to Prevent Cancer

Walnuts consist of several things that, individually, have shown to slow cancer growth, which includes omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, as well as phytosterols. Consuming walnuts frequently may even decrease the chance for breast cancer in humans indicated researchers at Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington, West Virginia following a study on laboratory animals. In accordance with them beta-sitosterol (a phytosterol) in conjunction with gama-tocopherol (vitamin E) benefited towards cancer cell growth. Many studies have likewise shown that frequent usage of walnut can avoid and even slow the progress of prostate cancer.

Control of Diabetes

People struggling with diabetes might have walnuts regularly with no substantial weight gain, since walnuts include a large quantities of polyunsaturated as well as monounsaturated fats, as per research carried out by Gillen et al. (2005) in the University of Wollongong, Australia. In an article titled “The impact of nuts on diabetes and diabetes risk”, by Lovejoy (2005) it really is pointed out that the consumption of nuts is inversely proportional to the chance of developing type-II diabetes.

Walnuts for Weight Management

Contrary to what individuals believe, walnuts are in fact great for weight loss since an oz of walnut consists of 2.5g of omega 3 fats, 4g of protein and 2g of fiber which help offer satiety. And any effective weight loss plan should include the satiety factor; so walnut is without a doubt the best food to think about in case you are into weight loss program. In spite of being ‘dense in calories’, walnut could also help with weight loss as is evident from the findings of the research published within the International Journal of Obesity, where overweight people following a Mediterranean style diet which included walnuts for 18 months might improve weight reduction and keep weight off for a longer period compared to those following a low-fat diet.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The polyphenolic compounds as well as phytochemical substances present in walnuts reduce the effects of inflammation within the body. This finding was a result of an experiment carried out within the Mediterranean area by Papoutsi et al. (2008).

Walnuts for Kidney Stones

Despite a lot of health advantages of walnut, it is advisable to be cautious on the amount as well as frequency of walnut consumption. This is because walnut has elevated levels of oxalates and oxalates help with kidney stone formation.

Healthier Scalp

The normal use of walnut oil helps to keep the scalp moisturized as well as hydrated, therefore keeping health conditions like dermatitis away. The anti-fungal qualities of walnut oil are valuable in avoiding the infections triggered by ringworm. This ensures a healthier as well as cleaner scalp. A healthy scalp can result in healthier hair

Induces sleep

Walnuts are an abnormally higher source of the nutrient melatonin involved in regulating our sleep patterns and getting us to fall asleep in the first place. This may also play a role in how relaxed you’re throughout the day (though a great night’s sleep the night just before is one of the ideal way to ensure this).Omega-3 fatty acids are another element of walnut nutrition which have a role to maintain a relaxed mind as well as good sleeping patterns.

Male Fertility

 Walnuts likewise have been associated with a positive effect on sperm development. In a single research, 117 healthy men aged 21 to 35 were randomized either to continue consuming their usual diet or adding 2.5 oz of walnuts to their usual diet.6 Before the research started and at the end of 12 weeks, researchers obtained blood as well as semen specimens. Males who consumed the walnuts experienced enhancement in sperm shape, movement, and vitality in addition to fewer chromosomal abnormalities within their sperm. The control group experienced no changes.

It’s considered that the abundance of PUFAs in walnuts and also the accompanying increased serum levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids noticed in the men consuming walnuts might have resulted in the changes in sperm quality. Whether the changes observed in this study would apply to men with fertility problems presently is unknown, yet these bits of information show another possible advantage of walnut consumption.

Can keep dementia at bay

Consuming walnuts day-to-day might help defend against dementia, say scientists. Within the research, Dr. Abha Chauhan and his team from the New York State Institute discovered that mice deprived of walnuts suffered a dramatic decrease in learning, memory as well as physical and emotional control. In accordance with the results, vitamin E as well as flavanoids in walnuts assisted destroy harmful free radical chemicals that can cause dementia.  You may find out more to discover how walnuts assist in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Prevents pancreatic cancer

A new study has found that usage of nuts, which includes walnuts, is inversely related to chance of pancreatic cancer, independent of other potential risk factors for pancreatic cancer. Scientists looked at the association in between nut consumption and chance of pancreatic cancer among 75,680 women in the Nurses’ Health Study, without any prior history of cancer. It absolutely was noticed that the ladies who consumed a one-ounce serving of nuts more than one times each week had a considerably decreased chance of pancreatic cancer as opposed to those who mostly abstained from nuts.

Delays Skin Ageing

Walnuts are great for the skin since they are full of B-vitamins.  Vitamin B is a superb stress and mood manager. Lower levels of stress lead to a better skin. Elevated stress levels can lead to the earlier start of wrinkles, therefore inducing faster aging. The existence of the B-vitamins, along with Vitamin E, an all natural antioxidant, works well for combating the free radicals induced because of stress. This further delays the ageing process.

Great for pregnant women

Mothers-to-be who consume a diet full of fatty acids like those present in walnuts can help to eliminate the baby’s likelihood of developing food allergies, researchers say. The research discovered that if a mother’s diet includes a particular group of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), the baby’s gut develops differently. The PUFAs are believed to enhance how gut immune cells react to bacteria and foreign substances, making the baby less inclined to have problems with allergies.

Can fight stress

If daily stress is taking a toll in your health, it’s time for you to consume walnuts, since they aid in fighting stress, in accordance with a study. The researchers discovered that including walnuts as well as walnut oil within the diet decreased both resting blood pressure as well as blood pressure responses to stress within the laboratory. Walnuts really are a rich source of fibre, anti-oxidants, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, especially alpha linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. These are the basic nutrients that provide walnuts it’s stress fighting qualities.

Mood Booster

A scientific study suggests that deficiencies in omega-3 fatty acids (supplied by walnuts) result in hyperactivity, irritability, and tantrums. Supplementing a child’s diet along with walnuts compensates the shortage in EFAs and alleviates their mood. It really is even applicable to adults who’re battling depression and stress.

Astringent Properties

Walnut oils have got considerable astringent qualities. Walnut oil features a rich, nutty flavor that can help bring aroma as well as flavor to the food. This particular flavor provides a pleasant taste, however only when the walnut oil is utilized moderately. It is utilized as a carrier/base oil in a variety of therapies just like aromatherapy, massage therapy, as well as aromatherapy, plus the cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical industry. Walnut oils are wonderful as dressings on chicken, turkey, salads, pasta, fish and steaks. The uses of walnut oils in dessert recipes assist bring a nutty flavor for the dish. A 35 gram serving of walnut oil offers the same nutritional benefits as 50 grams of walnuts. Additionally they offer significant amounts of Vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-3.

For Constipation And Digestive System

Walnuts are fiber rich and they’re a terrific way to keep the digestive system working properly. All humans need fiber on a regular basis to maintain their bowels functioning effectively. Normally the common sources of protein, like meat and dairy products, lack fiber. Having walnuts daily may help you along with digestive problems and your bowels working properly

Strong Bones

One of the essential fatty acids in walnuts is known as alpha linolenic acid, and also this compound have been related to stronger, healthier bones. When you’re getting omega-3 fatty acids regularly, inflammation will decrease, reducing amounts of inflammation are related to stronger bones.

Give yourself an energy boost

Among the immediate benefits of walnuts is they include a lot of B vitamins, which could enhance your energy. This particular definitely goes along with the weight loss factor. When you’re energized, you’re more prone to get moving! Try walnuts on yogurt just as one afternoon pick-me-up or perhaps a preworkout snack.

Nutritional Value

Serving Size: 100g.





654 Kcal



13.71 g



15.23 g


Total Fat

65.21 g



0 mg


Dietary Fiber

6.7 g




98 µg



1.125 mg


Pantothenic acid

0.570 mg



0.537 mg



0.150 mg



0.341 mg


Vitamin A

20 IU


Vitamin C

1.3 mg


Vitamin E-?

20.83 mg


Vitamin K

2.7 µg




2 mg



441 mg




98 mg



1.5 mg



2.9 mg



158 mg



3.4 mg



346 mg



4.9 µg



3.09 mg




12 µg



0 µg



9 µg