Name                :       Tiger Nut

Scientific Name:        Cyperus Esculentus

Health benefits

Tiger Nuts Can Help Control Your Blood Pressure

As we previously discussed, tiger nuts are loaded with amino acids. Even though there are different types of amino acids contained in tiger nuts, arginine is regarded as the plentiful.

The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research names arginine as a precursor to nitric oxide, which will keep our blood vessels wide enough to help keep blood flow normal. Arginine is shown to assist in conditions that are caused or made worse by restricted blood vessels, like chest pain, blocked arteries, heart failure or even disease, erectile dysfunction, muscle cramps, artery diseases not affecting the heart or the brain (peripheral vascular disease) and headaches induced by swollen blood vessels.

Tiger nuts can help fight malnutrition in under-developed nations

Tiger nuts might be an essential, locally grown food source for fighting malnutrition in places just like Africa. Tiger nuts are recognized to include higher amounts of starch (295/kg) (greater than potatoes as well as sweet potatoes), a high fat content (30%), good fiber content, be rich in calcium, chromium, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc, and also have a higher vitamin E and C content. Aside from all of these advantageous components, they also contain all of the amino acids and some of the B-complex vitamins. They’re ideal for diabetics and could be consumed raw, roasted or dried.

They help regulate blood sugar levels

Another one of great health advantages of tiger nuts is they assist manage blood glucose levels. The insoluble fibre present in tiger nuts could be of great help to diabetics. Insoluble fibre is essential to diabetics, simply because, unlike other carbohydrates, it doesn’t result in peaks and troughs within the blood glucose levels.

They contain the healthy fats

Another one of health benefits of tiger nuts is that they include the healthy oils which are much like olive oil. The oil obtained from tiger nuts includes around 80% unsaturated fats and just 18% of the cholesterol leading to saturated fat.

They are a good source of vitamins

Recent reports have discovered that tiger nuts are packed with minerals and vitamins. They’re an excellent source of Vitamins C and E and also the minerals, like potassium and phosphorus. A few yoghurt is now being made out of added tiger nut milk, to improve their nutritional content.

Tiger Nuts May Help Protect You from Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

Tiger nuts are full of Vitamin E. In accordance with the Office of Dietary Supplements of the National Institute of Health, “Vitamin E” actually is a catch-all reference to a group of fat-soluble compounds along with distinctive antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants assist the body safeguard itself from free radicals, molecules that have an unshared electron. The unshared electron can interact with oxygen to create reactive oxygen species, that are damaging to the bodies.

Vitamin E safeguards us by suppressing the development of these reactive oxygen species . Vitamin E along with higher levels of oleic acid, two components of tiger nuts, has additionally been proven to prevent coronary heart disease.

Boosts ‘Good’ (HDL) Cholesterol

Tiger nuts include a fair amount of oleic acid. Oleic acid is a MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid) that can help enhance your body’s HDL cholesterol .


Tiger nuts have numerous nutritional as well as health benefits, which will make them an incredible food for anybody. Typically, tiger nuts were utilised to deal with stomach upsets, irritable bowels, along with other digestive issues. They’ve been utilized in folk medication like a cure for many health conditions, which includes flatulence and diarrhea .

High in Fiber

Research has shown that tigernuts are higher in fiber compared to generally recommended foods like oats, apples, and carrots. This really is considerable just because a diet rich in fiber helps prevent constipation, as well as keeps you full for a longer time, therefore decreasing the possibility of overeating and enhancing the possibility of weight loss. Moreover, fiber has been shown to avoid colon cancer, coronary disease, obesity as well as diabetes.

High in Calcium

Tigernuts could be ground in a lactose-free milk which is loaded with calcium. Moreover, the vitamins E and C in tigernuts provides additional benefits not present in cow’s milk. A survey recommended that tigernut milk holds up nutritionally in addition to soybean like a milk substitute. It may even be combined with cow’s milk in yogurts without effecting taste or even texture, while upping the nutritional value.

High in Iron

Vegetarian as well as vegan diets tend to be more efficient whenever iron intake just isn’t diminished. Including tigernuts in your diet will make sure that you simply optimize your overall health, simply because this little vegetable root comes complete with iron. In reality, tigernuts even consist of more iron than cow’s milk, and as much as red meat or even liver. Snacking on tigernuts, baking along with tigernut flour – it all adds vitamins and minerals in your diet, and enables you to have all the good with none of the bad. Instead of compromising you diet and iron intake, you are able to strengthen it.

Disease Prevention

The existence of amino acids, namely arginine, causes it to be an effective way to help keep heart diseases away. Arginine has additionally been attributed along with decreasing the chance of blocked arteries, erectile dysfunction, as well as muscle cramps. Meanwhile, the existence of vitamin E tends to make this paleo snack much more likely to avoid heart disease, as well as cancers. As a resistant starch food, tigernuts protect especially well against colon cancer by feeding the friendly bacteria that are largely passed over by other foods. resistant starch has also been recognized to assist in the improvement of the digestive system, as well as insulin sensitivity.

Tiger Nuts Are a Good Non-meat Source of Protein

Protein is an important accessory for anyone’s diet. The United States Department of Agriculture names protein as having a role in building bone, cartilage, muscle, blood and skin in addition to functioning like a building block for enzymes, hormones as well as vitamins within our body. Protein additionally supplies us along with energy to get us throughout the day. Protein also often goes hand-in-hand with iron, that, while essential for everyone, is particularly essential for teenage girls and women in the course of menstruation.

In a 2007 study from the University of Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria, researchers discovered that tiger nut, particularly the brown variety, is an excellent method of obtaining protein from plant matter (9.7%) and is also nearly equal to whole wheat flour (9.8%) in this regard.

Nutrition  value:

Servings size  : 100 pieces




386     KCL

Total Fat

0 g     


0 g     

Total Carbs

52 g

Dietary Fiber

26 g


0 g


7 g


26 g   


0 g     


0 g


0 mg               


34 mg


424 mg





Vitamin A


Vitamin C