Health benefits

Apricot kernel signifies the seed of the fruit of Prunus armeniaca, commonly referred to as apricot tree. Since the seed is surrounded in a extremely hard shell, it is usually known as a “stone.” In any case, apricot kernels flavor baked goods and liquors, while oil extracted from the seed is utilized as cooking oil as well as in the creation of cosmetics. The kernel also yields active compounds that could have got anti-cancer value, even though clinical proof is contradictory. Apricot kernel also includes a substance considered to be toxic at high doses. As with all pharmaceuticals, don’t use apricot kernel preparations while pregnant or even to self-treat any condition without checking together with your physician.

Apricot seeds are obtained from the hard pit of the fruit. These seeds or even kernels have been in the limelight for several years thanks to their medicinal purposes. Known clinically as Prunus armeniaca, apricots are said to have originated from different parts of Asia, the Himalayas, Northern China and Armenia, too.

Curing Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory qualities of apricot seeds turn it into a ideal home remedial cure for treating arthritis. It relived the pain and swelling within the affected areas if taken on regularly. Include it within the numerous meals to get maximum results on the arthritis pain.

Blood pressure

Apart from healing cancer, Vitamin B17 is additionally very theraputic for maintaining the blood pressure levels within the body and keeping it normal. If you suffer from high blood pressure levels, take in apricot seeds, that is a rich source of Vitamin B17. This will assist in reducing the high blood pressure as well as safeguards you from many other illnesses associated with high blood pressure.Therefore, you can see that apricot seeds and also the oil obtained from it have a lot of health advantages. Include them within your daily diet and apply the oil topically on the skin and hair, and you’ll benefit a lot.

Colds and flu

If you wish to boost the immunity power of your body, consume apricot seeds on a regular basis. This may cause your immunity system strong and helps the body to combat against infections, which includes cold and flu.

Apricot seed as aphrodisiac

Just like almonds, apricot seeds are thought aphrodisiac. In Europe they’ve traditional reputation of increasing sexual drive. References are normally found in writings of William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and John Webster. However no scientific study have confirmed such claims.

Apricot seeds help in relieving pain

Apricot seeds have been discovered to have a natural pain relieving effect. This particular effect is related to the existence of benzaldehyde, that is a well-known analgesic. Apricot seeds are a fantastic solution for arthritis. It is important in relieving the pain as well as in lowering the signs and symptoms in individuals struggling with rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally it is useful in decreasing pain in cancer patients.

Apricot seeds for relieving constipation

Apricot seeds are thought to have laxative qualities and therefore several doctors suggest apricot seeds for making the bowel movements regular as well as in reducing bowel problems.


Whenever pressed into oil, apricot kernel may be used in a number of cosmetic methods, especially in the arena of skin care.  By adding it to the cup of sugar as well as combining to make a paste, you may make a lavish exfoliating cream that can help slough away dead skin and leaves the skin extremely moisturised as well as glowing. Apricot kernel oil also is effective like a moisturiser, thanks to its quick-absorbing qualities which leave the skin feeling hydrated naturally. Just keep a bottle within your bathroom and also smooth a few over the skin whenever you hop out of the shower for the best results.

Apricot seeds for respiratory diseases

Apricot seeds or even Xing Ren have been long utilized in Chinese medicine for the treatment of several respiratory problems just like cold, bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. Additionally it is utilized as a cough suppressant as well as expectorant, as it is great at expelling phlegm.


Some users of apricot kernel have reported its usefulness just as one anti-inflammatory. Enflamed muscles and joints are frequently what causes aches and pains, especially if you’re an arthritis sufferer. By taking apricot kernel in pill or powder form, you might find that your daily pain subsides, providing relief quickly and naturally.

Immune System Support

Sick of being sick? Certain seasons – like winter- make the ideal conditions for immune system failure. Being inside all day in close proximity with other germ-harbouring humans means it’s almost impossible to not to be forced into sick days. But apricot kernel is shown to have a positive effect on the immune system, that could help feel well and stay well. Speak to your doctor regarding adding apricot kernel in your regular routine and you’ll benefit from a stronger, tougher immune system, no matter the season.

Heart Health

Your body processes two kinds of cholesterol – good and bad. The bad cholesterol arises from eating foods which are loaded with saturated fats, that is best described as fats which become solid at room temperature. Healthy cholesterol, however, is supported by healthy fats which help reduce bad cholesterol and raise healthier numbers. Apricot kernel is a superb source of unsaturated fats, much like fish and olive oil. It may help support lower cholesterol and heart function overall for the healthier heart and body.

Hair care

We said that apricot kernel oil may help you from head to toe, so make sure you remember your hair. Utilized as a hot oil treatment, apricot kernel can leave your locks feeling smooth as well as supple. Try this simply mask: warm up a few apricot kernel oil within the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds. Test the temperature together with your finger and then pour over dry hair. Wrap the hair in plastic wrap and sit in the warm room for around Half an hour before rinsing the oil out and enjoying your suddenly smooth strands.

Apricot seeds help in preventing cellular damage

Apricot seeds are thought to have antioxidant effects which help in eliminating the harmful free-radicals as well as in avoiding cellular damage. The oxidative stress due to free radicals is usually in charge of premature aging as well as in creating numerous severe health problems just like cancer. And so the consumption of apricot seeds can safeguard the body from the damages brought on by the free radicals.

Apricot seeds and cancer

Apricot seeds are abundant with an ingredient known as Amygdalin, also known as vitamin B-17. It is really an essential nutrient which has gained popularity due to its capability to kill cancer cells. Despite the fact that there isn’t any definitive evidence to this finding, it really is utilized in numerous nations like a potential treatment for cancer. In accordance with numerous studies, the vitamin B-17 in apricot seeds releases cyanide within your body, that attacks and destroys the cancer leading to cells, whilst keeping the healthy cells intact. As a result your body’s capability to fight the cancer cells is elevated by the usage of apricot seeds. There are many researches that show that cancer might be brought on by malnutrition and because of the lack of vitamin B-17 in the body. It’s been discovered that a number of different populations who had restricted food consumption but regular consumption of vitamin B-17 in their diet were able to keep cancer away.

As a Natural Scrubber


You are able to prepare a highly effective scrub through apricot seeds in a couple of minutes. By combining the powdered form of apricot seeds along with olive oil and ultizing it onto the skin, you are able to achieve not just proper exfoliation but additionally skin radiance which brings attraction. Additionally, it deep cleanses the skin well. The glowing complexion is something you’ll love.

Immune System Support

Sick of being sick? Apricot kernel is shown to have got a positive effect on the immune system, that could help feel well and remain well. Talk to your doctor regarding including apricot kernel in your regular routine and you’ll benefit from a stronger, tougher immune system, no matter what season.

Apricot seeds have anti-microbial properties

Apricot seeds have been discovered to have anti-fungal as well as antibacterial qualities. It really is great at combating Candida albicans, that is a kind of fungus that may cause many different types of infections.

Heart Health

Apricot kernel is a superb method of obtaining unsaturated fats, much like fish as well as olive oil. It may help support lower cholesterol as well as heart function overall for the healthier heart and the body.

Apricot seeds help in maintaining proper pH balance

The pH of the blood is somewhat alkaline (7.35 to 7.45). Any change in this range can impact your health as well as result in numerous ailments. Over acidity is really a sign that the body is weak and not healthy. Maintaining proper acid base balance is important for enhancing your all around health. Apricot seeds really are a rich source of vitamin B-17, that is very alkaline naturally. Usage of these seeds works well for neutralizing mild cases of acidity as well as in maintaining an excellent pH balance.

Nutritional Facts

Serving size : 100gm





0 g



211 kcal



0 mg



0 mg


Monounsaturated fat

60 g



0 mg


Polyunsaturated fat

29.3 g



0 g


Saturated fat

6.3 mg


Vitamin B6

0 mg


Vitamin C

0 mg


Vitamin E

4  mg



0 mg