Arugula is really a low-calorie, nutrient abundant veggie from the Brassicaceae family which includes mustard greens, radishes, cauliflower and also kale. Occasionally known as “garden rocket,” a phrase produced from its medical title Eruca sativa, arugula is a superb option to iceberg lettuce mainly because it provides a much higher density of nutrition with similar low calories.

1. Cancer Prevention

Arugula is really a cruciferous veggie. Cruciferous vegetables are related to decreased chance of cancer in several researches. Arugula is abundant with valuable anti-oxidants, regarded as crucial in avoiding free radical action within the body. Research has shown that vitamin A and also flavonoid compounds within arugula might help safeguard the body from cancer of the skin, lung cancer as well as oral cancer. Arugula can also be a rich method of obtaining phytochemicals just like sulforaphane, which has outstanding chemo protective effects and enables to battle cancer causing carcinogens.

2. High in Antioxidants

Arugula is an excellent method of obtaining anti-oxidants and may significantly improve a person’s ORAC value (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity), that is a dimension of anti-oxidant strength. Anti-oxidants function to maintain a proper balance of enzyme reactions within cells, while looking for out and also wrecking the disease-causing free-radicals that may strike the body. Your defense mechanisms may also thanks for selecting arugula, simply because anti-oxidants try to strengthen your defenses versus basic illnesses just like the common cold along with the more complicated illnesses.

3. High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is really a well-known like a effective anti-oxidant that can help avoid cancer, improves the defense mechanisms as well as battles the common cold.

4. High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is really an effective anti-oxidant, increases immunity and is also ideal for the eyes, skin, teeth and bones.

5. High in Vitamin K

About three cups of arugula supply over 100% of the everyday vitamin K requirements. Vitamin K could encourage bone health and brain function whilst serving as an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant.

6. Mineral Rich

Arugula can also be a great method of obtaining calcium, iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorous, all important minerals that provide their own individual health advantages.

7. Low in Oxalate

Oxalates hinder mineral absorption within the body. Various other healthy leafy greens, just like spinach, have got higher amounts of oxalate. However, arugula seems to provide comparatively lower levels of oxalate, which makes it a much healthier option for individuals looking for foods loaded with calcium along with other important minerals.

8. Bone Health

Lower levels of oxalates coupled with an excellent number of minerals and vitamins present in arugula allow it to be ideal for bone health. A single research of Vitamin K discovered that every day usage of the vitamin resulted in reduced chance of bone cracks. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and vitamin C are typically regarded as great contributors to optimistic bone health.

9. Weight Loss

The inclusion arugulas within a meal are just like every other low-calorie, vitamin/nutrient-rich plant, and it’ll undoubtedly have got an optimistic impact on an effort at weight reduction. By fulfilling a lot of dietary requirements, arugula is a straightforward method to view your health and keep the system well balanced, without making extreme modifications in your diet.

10. Reduce chronic inflammation

Arugula consists of indole-3-carbinol and also isothiocyanates. Both these bioactive substances have shown to control the creation of inflammation related mediators.

11. Protect the aging brain and cognitive decline

Arugula has elevated levels of most of the B vitamins yet consists of particularly higher quantities of foliate. In high functioning seniors, lower levels of foliate have shown to be a danger factor for intellectual drop.

12. Healthy immune system

This particular well-known vitamin can be found in vast amounts in arugula, and enables to avoid cancer and sustain a healthy body by providing an additional push to the defense mechanisms. Vitamin C is probably the very best defenses for your body to search out harmful, inflammation related free-radicals and also get rid of them through your body.

Arugula is packed with minerals and vitamins which in some manner strengthen the defenses of the body’s defense mechanisms. The body is triggered to produce much more white blood cells through the copper in arugula, and also the plant includes a variety of different ways to enhance the force, sturdiness, as well as performance of the immune system.

13. Prenatal health

For mothers who’re pregnant, arugula is an excellent option to add to your diet. Foliates, a category which include folic acid, have shown to reduce incidences in some mental defects within the newborns. Arugula is full of foliates, just like many leafy vegetables.

14. Metabolic functions

Another advantage of arugula is definitely the existence of B-Complex vitamins, previously recognized just as vitamin B, that are really a group of eight distinctive vitamins all attempting to encourage cell metabolism and health. B Vitamins take part and also assist in various different cell activities, which include energy production, fat synthesis, the creation of red blood cells, and several other vital ways to cell as well as organism health. Arugula has considerable amounts of B-Complex vitamins in its’ organic structure.

15. Eyesight

Arugula is really a well-known method of obtaining carotenoids, that are naturally sourced pigments which have always been renowned for enhancing a person’s capability to observe. In reality, the carotenoids reduce the procedure for macular degeneration, that is once the center of the person’s visual view becomes affected. In most cases, this will cause cataracts, which in turn need to be eliminated. By enhancing the quantity of carotenoids in your daily diet, as well as arugula is a superb source for them, arugula predators might be able to decelerate that classic sign of senior years.

16. Great aphrodisiac

Arugula is in fact well-known because of its incredible aphrodisiac qualities. This specific property of the arugula is discovered by historical Romans. It really works whenever green leaves of the arugula are combined with some other spices and also natural aphrodisiacs just like chicory, dill, lettuce and also lavender in addition to salads and also special sauces to boost strength.

17. Heart Health Benefits

Much like some other green leafy vegetables, arugula offers heart health advantages. It includes powerful anti-oxidant and also anti-inflammatory qualities. Both these qualities assist to encourage heart health considerably. Anti-oxidant vitamins Vitamin A and also Vitamin C, together with anti-inflammatory vitamin just like Vitamin K, perform essential role to enhance heart health. Arugula is an excellent method of obtaining folic acid too.  Additionally, anti-oxidant phytochemicals within arugula offer excellent assistance to listen to.


Serving Sizes: 100 gram




Vitamin A

2373 IU



0 mcg           


   Retional Activity Equivalent

119 mcg


   Alpha Carotene

0 mcg           


   Beta Carotene

1424 mcg    


   Beta Cryptoxanthin

0 mcg           



0 mcg           


   Lutein + Zeaxanthin

3555 mcg    


   Dietary Folate Equivalents

97 mcg         



97 mcg


   Folic Acid

0 mcg


   Food Folate

97 5.6 mcg



0.305 mg


Pantothenic Acid

0.437 mcg



0.086 mg



0.044 mg


Vitamin B12

0 mcg


Vitamin B6

0.073 mg


Vitamin C

15 mg


Vitamin E

0.43 mg


Vitamin K

108.6 mcg




160 mg



0.076 mg



1.46 mg



47 mg



0.321 mg



52 mg



369 mg



0.3 mcg



27 mg



0.47 mg



Monounsaturated Fat

0.049 mg


Polyunsaturated Fat

0.319 mg


Saturated Fat

0.086 mg


Total Fat

0.66 mg